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New Newsletter!

Tuesday, May 29th, 2012

My newest Leah’s Lamp Stand newsletter is out now!  It tells about all the exciting things that are coming up in the next couple months with, of course, a lot on the Philippines!

Check it out!

Newsletter May 2012

Only 2 days and 14 hours left…

Monday, May 28th, 2012

What an amazing final weekend here in the States before heading to Cebu.  I get to spend time with my parents, my brother and his fiancee, and my boyfriend up in the Apostle Islands in gorgeous weather on the beach!  I couldn’t ask for a better weekend.  I have finally being able to relax and enjoy time with the people I love!  The weatherman thankfully has been wrong almost everyday; the weather has been amazing! We experienced one storm one night but other than that we have been able to do some site seeing and hiking during the breaks in the clouds =) I think I even got sunburned today!  This weekend has also been an exciting time for our family; my brother proposed to Hannah on Friday! =) This weekend has been amazing in so many ways!

Enjoying the beach of Lake Superior
Hannah and I hanging out on the dock.
Storm cloud rolling in!

I cannot believe that it is less than 3 days until I am on an airplane heading to the Philippines! It is so crazy to think about! There is so much left to do I feel like.  Finishing up packing and weighing my bags while still making sure there is enough space for me to be able to bring back my favorite things from over there like the drink C2 and some dried pineapple!  But my nerves are actually beginning to subside as it gets closer and I’m just getting more excited to get there and see everyone again!

Thursday morning at 6:30am I will be at the airport with nothing left to think about but reaching the right terminals, enjoying my time there and showing the love of Jesus to whoever crosses my path! I cannot wait! =)

Official countdown: 2 days, 14 hours, 4 min!

Until next time!

Less Than 2 Weeks!

Sunday, May 20th, 2012

WOW! Less than 2 weeks until I am off to the Philippines for a second time! I am so incredibly excited! Nerves have also come into play this last week, especially! There is so much to get done before I leave and I feel like there is no time! But I have to remember to stay calm and to continue to pray and pray often!

I leave Rochester on Wednesday night for vacation with the family in the Apostle Islands! I am excited for that but it is also going to be an emotional thing to leave Rochester for over a month… Since I have really settled in here, I haven’t been gone more than a couple weeks at a time and so being gone for almost 6 weeks is definitely going to be hard.  I am not excited to leave Nadia and Anthony, the two kids I watch.  I started telling Anthony last week that I would be leaving for awhile and he hasn’t been taking it well and has been more clingy this week.  I love those kids to death and it is going to be really sad and hard to be away from them for so long!  Also, Christ Community has been a huge part of my life and it’s been difficult to start saying goodbye for a while to them.  I know it’s only a few weeks that I’m gone but it is still hard after having these things as a huge part of my life for several years now and leaving them for almost 6 weeks.

Well, please keep praying for my preparation and nerves that this will go smoothly and efficiently.  Also, pray for my families vacation that we stay safe and have nice family time, enjoying each other’s company!

OFFICIAL COUNTDOWN: 1 week, 4 days and 8 hours =)

The Countdown Begins…

Thursday, May 10th, 2012

Time is going by so fast! I realized yesterday that I am no longer counting by months until I leave but now it’s weeks! I am starting to feel a bit frantic and unprepared for my time there but I need to trust in God and pray that He has this all under control.  I have nothing to worry about, even if I feel like I do…

Spring Semester is over!! I finished out good and had no break (actually overlap) between my spring semester finishing and my summer semester starting! I am working hard on my summer classes as well as trying to enjoy some summer before I leave =)

Not too much new, but now the countdown has begun!

21 days, 7 hours and 15 min!!! WOOHOO!!! =)