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End of Week 2 of Support Raising!

Sunday, February 26th, 2012

I am over halfway to my goal! Woohoo! As of Friday morning, I raised a total of $755! I am so excited about this! The Lord is really providing and I could not be more excited!  It has been awesome to feel God working in my life and be able to see it! Seeing the money come i is making me more anxious to get to Cebu! No new plans yet or too much other updating. I will be buying my plane ticket next weekend, hopefully! Please pray that God will provide a lower price and something reasonable! It’s been hard watching the prices rise and not be able to purchase yet.  But God always provides, and I have no doubt that He will in this case too!

As for other things in my life, I have been really sick this weekend.  which has been frustrating but I guess I needed the rest.  This week is spring break at Crossroads so I will have time to rest, hopefully and get caught up on school work and maybe even get ahead! =)  Next weekend, I will be going to my parent’s house with my boyfriend, Andrew, and spending some much needed time away and with my parents! Cody, my puppy that we had to give away when I moved to Rochester will be visiting that weekend, too! I am very excited to see him again!  Also, I will be going to Valley Christian Church, the church I grew up at, on Sunday! I always love going there and seeing everyone!

Well, that’s all folks, for now! Thanks to everyone who is supporting me and following my adventure in missions! I couldn’t do any of this without all the support I get from all of you!

Exciting News!

Saturday, February 11th, 2012

Hello all!

On my last post I said there was some exciting news to come! Well, here it is!

I am going back to the Philippines for the entire month of June this summer! I am very excited to be there longer this time and experience the culture more.  I will be helping out the same church, City Church, and the same school, Central Philippine Bible College (CPBC).  This is something I have wanted to do since I left there last summer.  The people there have amazing hearts and have become good friends.

I started some of my planning and looking at flights to check prices out.  I do not know what all I will be doing while I’m there, I just know that school starts for them in June.  I will update you all when I find out more details.

For now, if you could pray for me and the plans that God has for me, that His plans would come to the front lines and not my own.  Also, I committed to paying for $1500 of the $3000 needed for my trip, I still need to raise $1500.  I sent out a letter to most of you this last week asking for support, I will attach that letter, as well as the donation card I sent with that.  If you did not receive a letter or you lost the card that was in there and would like to support my trip, you can print out that card and send it with a check made out to CROSSROADS COLLEGE to the address on the card (which is my school, for tax deductible reasons) I would really appreciate all the help I can get!  Thank you to all of you who are participating in this ministry, whether through prayer support or financial support!  I could not do this without all the support everyone has given me so far and the support that God will continue to provide.  We were never created to go through life on our own or minister on our own, all of you are an important part of this ministry!  Thank you!

God Bless,

Leah Damon


Click here for the Support Letter

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